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3 Things That Make Leggings Look Bad

3 Things That Make Leggings Look Bad

Leggings are a great accessory and clothing choice because they match with so many different types of outfits and are in style no matter what time of the year it is. The downside to choosing to wear leggings, however, is that there are a few different issues that can plague a pair of good leggings.

Of course, quality and material of the leggings you buy will play a part in how susceptible they are to some of these elements. No leggings are immune, however, so it’s worth keeping these aspects in mind the next time you decide to wear or buy a new pair.

From unruly holes to hair making leggings uncomfortable, there are a fair few pitfalls to avoid when going about your daily business wearing them. Below we’ll touch on three things that make leggings look bad.

Body hair

Unfortunately, body hair of a certain length can ruin the leggings look. With that in mind, a certain amount of upkeep of shaving or waxing will be essential to keep hair at bay. Some people make the decision to undergo cosmetic procedures to have hair permanently or semi-permanently removed via laser. You can find many clinics who perform this near London if this is something you think would work best for you.


If you are someone who regularly makes sure their legs are smooth then you likely don’t ever experience this problem, however, it is something worth keeping in mind when you plan on wearing leggings.


Some people think holes in leggings are fashionable in 2017; others think it ruins the material beyond repair. For those who are not a fan of this trend, you’ll need to watch out for unwanted holes in your leggings. These tend to appear if at least one of two things are true; that the material the leggings are made out of it low-quality or when the leggings are put under too much pressure. By avoiding both of these conditions, your leggings should stay hole-free for longer.

If you’ve already fell victim to a hole or two in your leggings, have no fear as they are often salvageable. There are resources and videos all over the web detailing how you can fix holes in your leggings to make them as good as new. If you’re handy by nature you shouldn’t have much of a problem. If you’re not usually so hands-on, you should relish learning something new!

Too Much Design

This may sound rather different from the previous problems with leggings we’ve covered, however, too much colour and visuals can make leggings look tacky and cheap sometimes. Leggings that looked great online because of their uniqueness can look terrible when you’re walking with them on down your local street.

We think the best way to get a great leggings-look is to find leggings that are not only made of strong and resilient materials but are also simple as well as stylish. Not too many graphics and not a mix of too many colours will give you a look that stands out without breaking away from what makes leggings look visually appealing. There are many different online stores where you can buy these kinds of leggings, like the one below:


Wear Your Leggings with Style & Confidence

Whatever problems you run into with your leggings of choice, remember that you should wear them with confidence wherever you go. Make a statement with your own individual sense of fashion.

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