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Top Gift Ideas for Men in 2017

According to many outlets, men are getting increasingly difficult to buy for, with several articles being created highlighting this widespread problem.

Today at Wild Leggings London, we’re looking to try something different, by giving you dome ideas for that special guy in your life.

Buy his favourite music on vinyl

Last year, over 3.2 million records were sold. To give you an idea of how much the sale of records has improved over the last few years – it’s been calculated by the BPI that the sales of LP’s from 2015 to 2016 had risen by 53% and for the last few weeks of last year, we even seen vinyl sales trump MP3 for the first time. As you can see below, the vinyl revolution seemed to be picking up steam since 2008. If figures and statistics are anything to go by, we will all soon again be curating our own personal record collections.

Why spend the money on records when accessibility to the MP3 format is so easy to achieve without any money at all? Well, excluding morals, you are never going to get a better quality to the music you are listening to than record, whether you attempt to on CD, tape or MP3. If you are old enough to have experienced listening to music when vinyl was the preferred and most popular format, allow yourself to experience the nostalgic trip down memory lane, or if you were born in the 90’s, why not give yourself a chance to replicate a time when music was truly appreciated.

Surprise him with a trip to a sporting event

When the man you are buying for has absolutely everything, what do you buy him? Sometimes the best presents aren’t physical things, but experiences shared. Sporting events don’t just last long in the memory of the individual, they can also be talked about for years historically considering what athletes are competing, what the result could be or the impact said result has within the sport.

Going to a Champions League game not not only provide you with watching the top and most exciting performers in football, but expose you to seeing more cultures and lifestyles.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

Perhaps the most exciting football team on the planet in recent years has been Barcelona – giving a gift of a ticket to a champions league tie in the Nou Camp will not only provide the special someone you are buying for with the most intertaining football on the planet, but it will also be packaged with a historical and cultural experience that you can share forever.

Luxury specialist socks

21st century fashion designers will be known for breaking down assumptions and barriers towards fashion in later years. With clothes types’ specific to genders being deconstructed, fashion has only just started to achieve limitless targets.

London Sock Company have removed the stigma around socks being considered a boring gift, with their vibrant, unconventional and brave designs being successful for men of all ages. Due to the uprising success and demand for their products, London Sock Company has created gifts containing an array of unique socks which are the perfect gift for the modern man. Whether you are going for the smart of casual approach to your outfit, these boutique socks will complete, round off or make any outfit.

As the photos below show, these gifts are perfect for the suit wearing gentleman. Perfect for job interviews, business meetings, weddings and all other occasions or simply any man who is appearance conscious and looking to impress with his style.

Retro gaming systems

Much like the vinyl listing at number one on this list, retro gaming systems are particularly successful due to the nostalgic feeling they give the user.  For some even the intro to specific gaming systems can flood back happy nostalgic memories.

Does it?

According to the Entertainment Software Association in 2015, research shown that 150 million Americans play video games. From this statistic – the average of this these gamers, had been playing for the previous 13 years. So they would’ve had the opportunity to play the system which debatably sparked the mass consumption of video games – the original Playstation, or as it’s known now, the Playstation 1.

Now is the perfect time to be collecting and playing Playstation 1 games, as they aren’t quite considered as valuable as Nintendo or Sega’s flagship devices- you’ll be able to get them for a reasonable price.

Can you think of any better gifts for men? Let us know in the comments below of what you consider to be the best gift in 2017 to give your husband, boyfriend, son or friend.

Whats the better gift?

Sporting Event
Luxury Designer Socks
Retro Gaming Systems

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