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Patterned Leggings

Patterned Leggings

Leggings have become one of those go to fashion staples that everybody has a pair or two of in their wardrobes whether it be sports leggings, jeggings, treggings or your basic black pair that can be worn just about anywhere. Most people tend to favour either their comfy sports leggings in stretchy and sweat-wicking lycra, or alternatively the plain black pair that goes with more than half your wardrobe and can be replaced easily and cheaply once they start to bobble and wear out. They are some fashion-forward folk though, that are braver than most, and that are willing to try out some of the bolder fashion designs of the legging world. The pattern possibilities are endless, so find out some of the funkiest patterned leggings around right here.

The leggings trend started back in the 1980s really alongside with the aerobics, we all love Jane Fonda gym bunny days. Back then, animal prints were a big thing too, form leopard print, to zebra and even giraffe, so if you want a truly retro leggings look, why not try out this eye-catching pair from Goldigga. The contemporary zebra print is almost artistic, and the black and white monochrome colours are perfect if this is your first foray into the world of patterned leggings, since they will go with anything. If you’re still not sure, then take a look at the price tag; clocking in at under a fiver, there is no reason not to give these beauties a go. Even better, they are available in UK sizes 6 to 18 which is not bad considering the price!

Next up are some cool geometric design leggings from outdoor and lifestyle brand O’Neill. In navy blue and burgundy red, this pair is actually really subtle in their design, despite the brighter colours. The way that the geometric designs have been arranged will actually give you the illusion of being slimmer and more streamlined, and thanks to the good quality that O’Neill is known for, this pair, priced at £49.50, will be long lasting too. While perhaps more expensive than your average pair of leggings, these are also sports leggings meaning that you can get plenty of use from them. With their mid-rise waist and smoothing stretch fabric, you can feel comfortable and confident in this lovely pair.

For a pair of leggings that will also be perfect for spring and summer, these ones from Matalan are absolutely gorgeous. From their So Luxe range which features lovely gym-wear, this pair of leggings is comfortable with just the right amount of stretch, thick enough to not be see-through whilst still being lightweight, and an absolute bargain, costing only £14! The colours are beautiful on this pair of leggings, and in fact, despite the pattern, they are really flattering and slimming on, thanks to the fact that the patterned panels are only on the front and back, with black top and sides. Give this pair a go with some trainers or sandals this summer.


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